Leontine Linens founder Jane Scott knows a thing or two about pattern and color–and it really shows. Her 1869 Greek Revival style New Orleans home has an exciting mix and interplay of texture, pattern, and color you can use in your own home. It’s easier than you might think to duplicate this look on a budget, starting from the walls and working your way in. Since this home features some pricey, designer wall paper in just about every room, finding similar paper or paint options for these areas is a priority and will help greatly reduce the cost of each room.

one kings lane_jane scott hodges_EXTERIOR
Repost from One Kings Lane/ Image courtesy of Tony Vu

Family Room

The homeowner created a harmonious look by incorporating several different black and white patterns into the walls and fabrics used for this room. Bright splashes of yellow add interest and keep the high contrast black and white color palette from being too overwhelming. The wood furniture warms things up and functions as a neutral in this high impact room.

one kings lane_jane scott hodges_STUDY
Repost from One Kings Lane/ Image courtesy of Tony Vu

This room is a pretty basic square with standard windows; the designer has gotten around the bland room shape by topping a bold wall with bold wallpaper and a variety of textures. Duplicate the look by mixing patterns in the same basic color palette–start with a bold graphic design and add a soft floral to match.

Bold Lighting

Gold based table lamps with shades in black and white mimic the color palette used on the walls. To duplicate this look on a budget, consider giving your existing lamps a few coats of a matte gold paint and adding new shades.

Eclectic Wallpaper

The designer wallpaper in this room retails for around $540 per roll; swapping this out for a less expensive version that has the same bold graphic design from York could save you about $450 per roll. Since each roll has about 9 yards of wallpaper, the cost to paper an entire room can add up quickly.

HD wallpaper

Want to save even more? Duplicate the look with broad strokes of paint instead of using paper. Use a glossy cream background and top with wide, bold brushstrokes of a deep ebony glaze.

The Bold Green Parlor

The bold chartreuse lacquered walls in this room can be easily duplicated with a semi-gloss or even glossy paint in a similar bright hue. Lacquering a wall involves adding multiple coats of a resin blend; each coat activates the last, resulting in a thick, hard, and long lasting finish. Replacing this expensive and time consuming process with a paint product can drastically reduce the cost of coloring the room.

one kings lane_jane scott hodges_LIVING ROOM
Repost from One Kings Lane/ Image courtesy of Tony Vu

The sudden punch of color draws the eye into the room, while the shiny finish helps bounce light throughout the entire area. Choose a high gloss, good quality paint like Behr’s exterior Semi-Gloss to get the shiny look without the high price tag. Using paint in lieu of lacquer has another advantage; it is far easier to change the color of a painted room than a lacquered one. Complete the trim with a crisp, pure white glossy paint to finish the look.

Crystal Lighting

To achieve similar lighting in  your own room, start with a basic crystal chandelier and add some additional crystals with jump rings. The added sparkle will help mimic the look of this more expensive heirloom piece.


Faux Columns

Pick up a pair of pre-made, ready to paint columns to flank the room; you can choose the bases and top decorations you like best. Once you’ve made your selections, a quick coat of satin finish paint in a warm sand shade is all you need to complete the look. Install as desired to add symmetry and detail to an otherwise boxy room.

Neutral Furniture

The furniture in the room features clean and simple lines in a pale neutral. With such strong color on the walls, the rug and upholstery fabrics don’t need to compete. The furniture, the curtains and the accessories in this room are over-sized and help break up the green expanse of the walls.

Final Touches

The final touches to this room add another blast of color and add extra brilliance without overwhelming the eye with color. Accent pillows in a rich plum (which matches the grass cloth wallpaper in the dining room) and bright, sunny yellow add interest, while the blue ginger jars and potted plants work well with the schemes used in the lively and eye-catching den.

All of the rooms in this home are exquisite; duplicating the look on a budget is as easy as identifying which items you are responding to and then finding budget friendly alternatives.


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