When trying to upgrade your small space, it seems sometimes that if you add to the decor, your rooms just get overcrowded.

Let us introduce you to these three wonderfully creative projects that will inspire you to just go for that small space makeover. These creative renovations created more space and comfortably laid out areas for family members and everyday activities, from playing and reading to cooking, working and relaxing.

Go-to decorator strategies for small space makeovers such as glass and mirrored accents, accent walls, area rugs, and white paint, make these rooms comfortable, functional and inviting.

The everyday mess of a disorganized overcrowded home: gone! Instead, these small spaces feel appealing, clean, easy to maintain, and beautiful.

 Small Space Makeover #1: One Room, Four Uses

View of shared small space via boligliv denmar

This Denmark apartment needed an upgrade, namely a way to make this room comfortable, functional, and organized. It had four uses: sitting room, playroom, and bedroom for two.

Designer Tip: Use reflective surfaces for furniture, decorative elements & room dividers.

This remodel took into account the value of customizing and curating of bookshelves and toy storage, organizing, and eliminating unused items.

Now the more minimalist brighter organization seems artfully arranged rather than an afterthought.

Short on Space? Designer’s Tip: Use Narrow Wall Space for a Bookshelf

This remodel took into account the value of customizing and curating of bookshelves and toy storage, organizing, and eliminating unused items.

Before + After: Small Space Makeovers

A classic decorator’s approach is to create small centers that seem both cozy and utilitarian — such as play area designated by a small area rug or an accent wall. A cozy bed nook means this room feels like home. White walls and a paned glass room divider make the space seems large and full of light.

Clean-lined modern furniture adds fluidity and makes the room seem larger; be sure to offset with soft furnishings, cozy seating, or warm area rugs.

Need to appoint activity areas in a small room? Use those corners, and go ahead and arrange a craft table, play table, or office.

Before + After: Small Space Makeovers

Small Space Makeover #2: East Village Apartment Transformation.

Small space makeover

Let’s talk tiny NYC space! Anthony D’Argenzio of Zio & Sons is a stylist and designer in NYC, inspiring thousands via instagram. And innovation, unique aesthetic and livability rule!

The outdated crowded kitchen got a major makeover, using the small space to create a modern yet warm intimate space. We love the way the room seems period and modern all at once. Simply charming! Using subway tiles, smaller appliances, bead board and warm wood accents with open shelving makes this a truly unique room.

Opening up space in small kitchens is key. Sometimes this means eliminating top cabinets, using open shelving, and smaller appliances!

Also, think about sorting out what’s happening with your home’s ceiling. If you are a homeowner, check if your home as lowered ceilings– you might be surprised. Imagine the space if you can remove it! Here Anthony has gone with the texture of an exposed brick wall, painted it white, and embraced the small scale sweetness of old New York style.

Small Space Makeover #3: Living Room

view of a small space makeover living room via a beautiful mess

Dull and ordinary faded browns fall under the spell of springtime with a bright palette and a sparing use of furnishings and decorative elements. We love this pop of color Chartreuse green, combined with classic modern furnishings, the white walls, and curated decor. Like a bit of color, but more subdued> Try the festive beauty of Glidden’s color Fresh-Guacamole. Open view windows also give more light and a sense of space. A modern white and black rug adds a coziness and updated feel.

Using soft furnishings with contemporary minimalist decor makes this room simply a pleasure.


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