Whether you need to hide less-than-glamorous wires or come up with better organization ideas for your collections or belongings, these clever ideas will help. Keep things you need at your fingertips–and unsightly wires and vents out of view with these easy home hacks you can do in no time.

Hide your Router

Tired of looking at that less-than-stylish router–but need it to be accessible, too? You can display it in a prominent location once you’ve disguised it as a book! Hollow out an old hardcover and place the router inside. The signal will still get through, but you won’t have to look at the hardware!

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Customize Cheap Furniture

The IKEA Rast dresser is perfect for decorating on a budget, but pretty plain and utilitarian in the looks department. Since you need to break out some tools for assembly anyway, take some extra steps and make a plain piece into a focal piece. Simple paint and hardware changes hacked this boring piece into something special.


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Macramé Hanging Cord

The oversized lamp is fabulous–the boring, cheap looking cord is not. Give it a quick makeover using simple knot and macramé techniques. This idea works whether you are installing a new lamp or if you have moved into a home with an unsightly cord already in place. You’ll just need a sturdy ladder and some knot-tying know-how before you start.

DIY Rope
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Not just for Knives

A magnetic knife rack can hold any metal object–including toys, tools, and even some crafting and sewing items; press one into service wherever you have small metal items to organize!

Train magnetic knife holder
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Hang a Plate on the Wall

A decorative plate that is too pretty to put away in the cabinet makes an ideal piece for any little spot in your home–if you can actually get it onto the wall. Use a thick rubber band and some paperclips to create an easy to use plate hanger and create an instant display anywhere in your home.

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Hide it with Art

Electronics and messy cords that don’t have to be in the middle of the living area are easy to hide behind an oversized piece of artwork. You can enhance the room with a new canvas and hide unsightly cords and devices at the same time with this easy technique.

Art hiding cords
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Hang Pictures with Toothpaste

Add a dot of toothpaste to the back of your photos or frames before hanging. Hold the picture in place where you want it and press it to the wall. The toothpaste will transfer to the wall, showing you exactly where to add the nails. Say goodbye to multiple nail holes and extensive hammer time.

toothpaste picture
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Hide the Power Cord Mess

The cords that power your television, computer, gaming station, and DVD player can cause a real eyesore underneath or behind your furniture. Pile them in a simple decorative basket instead and avoid the mess. You can either cut a hole in the back of the basket for the cords to pass through or drop them in from the top, depending on your layout.

burlap basket
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From Lotion Bottle to Easy Charging Station

Keep your phone safe–and avoid an ugly dangling cord–when you make this easy DIY charging station from a recycled plastic bottle. It’s fast, easy to customize to match your decor, and ready to use in minutes.

Cell phone holder
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Clever Pet Bed Hacks

Turn an oversized basket into a wall mounted cozy cat nest, or make a simple but luxurious dog bed from an old console TV; your pets will appreciate the new digs and you’ll love the increased floor space, and better looks, too.


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Corral Jewelry Mess

Use a paper towel holder to easily store and display bangles and bracelets in the closet. A small piece like this is fast and easy to install and will allow you to see all of your pieces at once, too.

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Art on Hinges

Use simple door hinges to install a painting or photograph on the wall. You can either use this technique to disguise a thermostat or alarm panel (without permanently blocking access) or hide jewelry or other items when not in use.

Life Hacker
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Chalk it Up

Use chalkboard paint to cover one or more cabinets in the kitchen. Once the paint has dried and cured, you’ll be able to write everything from reminder notes to shopping lists and even recipes in this highly visible area, paper free.

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Tension Rod Cleanup

Make it easy to find and use cleaning products and multiply your cabinet space too. This clever idea from Martha Stewart doubles your storage and keeps cleaners at the ready. A small tension bar and a few minutes of your time is all you need to make this home organization hack work.

tension rod
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We’d love to know–what are your favorite go-to home decorating hacks?


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