Your front door makes a statement about your home–whether you want it to or not. Upgrading your door and entryway is an ideal way to refresh the look of your entire home and to improve your overall curb appeal as well. From exciting pops of color to charming accessories and exquisitely detailed design, each of these 10 doors brings something special to the home it adorns. We’ve taken a look at each entryway and pointed out the front door designs and details that make it work–and that can be incorporated into your own unique home design.

Unexpected Color

The bright but not overwhelming tomato red of this traditional door is enhanced by lively yellow additions; both the chair and patio furnishings and plantings add complementary color and appeal. This colorful door is grounded by matte black hardware and a substantial knocker, making it a match for even the most traditional home (Image via Huffington Post).

Red Door

Upgraded Knocker

Replacing a stock door knocker with something more elaborate can elevate the look of your whole entryway. Whether you choose a simply elegant metal knot or a more elaborate figurative piece, the right knocker can add substance and style and make even a stock door shine.

Design Elements: Hardware

The bold black barn style brackets and handles on these garage doors give them an appealing country look without being primitive or outdated. This stunning garage entryway features other classic country detailing, from the decorative paneled surface detail to the utilitarian lights posted above each door.

Double garage doors

Color Theory and Contrast

Not sure of what color will work for your front door? The color wheel can help. Choosing colors that appear opposite from one another on the color wheel automatically creates a pleasing arrangement for any space. This doorway takes full advantage of color theory, contrasting a marigold with a teal and creating an unforgettable entryway to an eclectic Italian home.

Colourful Italian Wood Door

Added Accessories

Details really matter when it comes to your front door and entryway. The homeowner here makes great use of accessories to really add impact to a plain door. The door itself is a neutral color and simple style, but the punches of bright yellow, symmetrical planters, burlap and whimsical house number add plenty of country style charm (Image via Down to Earth Style Blog).

Door with yellow wreath

Think Outside the Wreath

While a traditional holiday or seasonal wreath makes a handy accent for any door, thinking beyond that typical circle of greenery can make a big impact on your home’s entry way. From figurative pieces to monograms and seasonal assemblages, rethinking the wreath can help you come up with an innovative new look for your doorway (Images via Decoholic and Holly Mathis Interiors).

Unexpected Hits of Color

This door has plenty of great design elements, from the stately figurative knocker to the unexpected knob placement and spiderweb style transom–but what really makes it pop is the lively color. A bright color like the fresh Granny Smith apple green shown here can liven up a neutral home and form a focal point for your entryway (Image via Huffington Post).

Green door

Highlight a Pattern with Paint

The painted white accents make the details of this otherwise standard black door pop; the highlighted painted shapes also mimic the design detail of the oversized windows that flank the door. The eye pleasing symmetry of the geometric shapes is complemented nicely by the lush planters and seasonal accents that adorn the doorway as well. Opting to highlight a molding pattern with paint creates interest on an otherwise bland stock door and is a fast way to makeover an existing door without removing it (Image via Princess Anne Country).

Blue door white accent

Artistic Glass adds Impact

From intricate, Tiffany style scenic pieces to more subdued (but equally elaborate) monochromatic versions, the right glass can have a huge impact on your front door. Approaching glass as a design element instead of just as a functional one allows you to create an unforgettable entryway that lets in plenty of light without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal. This homeowner used artistic glass to a stunning advantage, pairing the glass with simple gold hardware and accents (Images via and

Eclectic, Eyecatching Style

The perforated look of this neutral door works well in a modern home and hints at the design style you can expect to see inside. From the flat color to the clean, spare styling and minimalist knob, this contemporary portal is a perfect match for the modern home it adorns. As an added bonus, the 17 portholes allow light to stream into the residence and cast interesting patterns of light during the day and at night (Image via Archetizer).

door with glass

Fooling the Eye

Sometimes a door isn’t a door at all! This clever painting employs a mural technique known as trompe l’oeil (literally, fool the eye) to create a pleasing image and add interest to a blank wall. In the hands of a skilled artisan (or with the right commercially made products), a plain doorway or even an empty wall can be made over into something amazing. This garage door even has clever DIY faux painted windows (Images via Pam Penick and House to Home Blog).


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